Defensive Shotgun Course

The DES Training Defensive Shotgun course is perfect for adding the next layer of protection to you and your family. History has proven the value of effect shotgun usage against human or animal attackers, but few shotgun owners have been professionally trained on how to fight with a shotgun. DES Training now offers you the proven methods for effective shotgun usage.

In this course you will learn advanced concepts of:

  • Defensive Shooting Safety
  • Safe and Reactive Gun Storage
  • Developing Defensive Shooting Skills
  • Combat Re-Loading of Shotgun
  • Movement with Shotguns / Utilizing Cover/Concealment
  • Selective Ammunition loads / Equipment Selection

This 6 hours course combines classroom and live fire range time with up to 75 plus rounds fired. DES Training provides all targets and needed documentation along with the course materials. Live Range exercises while using enhanced Gun Handling Skills, shooting around common household/office objects, strategies and planning for how to respond or avoid Potential Threats around your office or home. . Laws of Deadly Force for North and South Carolina are covered along with the aftermath of a justified defensive shooting. Proven advice on firearm selections and ammunition choices along with additional equipment options (lights, slings, etc.) will be covered in the class.

Prerequisites: None.  You are not required to own a Shotgun to attend, just let us know in advance and purchase the needed ammunition.

You will need to bring: a Shotgun (NO #10 Gauge), at least 75 shells of ammunition (#8 or #7.5 LEAD Trap/Target Loads), and 1 Box (5 rounds) of Lead Rifled Slugs, eye and hearing protection… It is preferred that you bring a good tactical flashlight and kneepads. DES Training holds to the strict NRA policy of NO LIVE AMMUNITION in the classroom. Transport your firearm unloaded and in a range-bag or case

Defensive Shotgun course fee:    $100.00

Class is limited to 10 shooters per class for safety and maximum student to Instructor time.

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Mike Peach Teaching Defensive Shotgun