Elizabeth Saunders

Elizabeth Teaching Magazines for Semi-Auto Pistols

Elizabeth brings to DES a 20 year Mechanical Engineering background and a life long fascination with firearms. She is a nationally accredited NRA Senior Training Counselor and continues to train to become the best firearms instructor possible. Elizabeth has been trained by and assisted nationally recognized instructor and author Vickie Farnam of DTI. Elizabeth is a member of the NRA Female Instructor Development Team and has taught at the 2011 and 2012 NRA Conventions. Elizabeth has taught in the York County and Charlotte Metro area since 2004. As a woman, Elizabeth provides her students with unique insights to firearm choices and techniques.


South Carolina SLED Certified Concealed Weapons Instructor

South Carolina SLED Certified Level I, II, III Security Instructor

North Carolina Justice Academy Concealed Handgun Instructor

NRA Senior Training Counselor

NRA Certified Instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Regional Counselor and Instructor

DTI Adjunct Staff Instructor – Defensive Handgun

Brite-Strike Tactical Flashlight Instructor

RangeMaster Certified Handgun Instructor

Glock Certified Armor and Instructor

Sabre OC Instructor


Rangemaster Instructor Development Workshop – 3 day
Rangemaster Advanced Instructor Development Workshop – 2 day
Rangemaster Dynamic Marksmanship –  Combative Pistol II
Handgun Combatives – Combative Pistol
Glock Certified Armor
Glock Instructor Development Workshop
SLED Level I, II, III Private Security Instructor
DTI Teaching Women Law Enforcement Officers
DTI Women’s Defensive Handgun Course
DTI Counter-Ambush Course
Street Survival Seminar – Officer Survival by Calibre Press
MAG – 20 – Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement
Bulletproof Mind Seminar – Lt. Col Dave Grossman
Sabre OC Instructor – CSAP
Defensive Concepts North Carolina – Defensive Handgun Level 1
Defensive Concepts North Carolina – Defensive Handgun Level 2
Defensive Concepts North Carolina – Low Light Tactics Handgun
Defensive Concepts North Carolina – Shooting on the Move – Handgun
Defensive Concepts North Carolina – Handgun Retention