NRA Training Counselor Workshop


NRA Training Counselors are experienced, active NRA member-instructors who have been appointed by the NRA to train NRA Certified Instructors. Training counselors make a commitment to conduct at least one instructor training course per year. At the workshop, you will have the opportunity to obtain in-depth training in how to teach discipline-specific teaching skills. Training counselors are authorized to train instructors in those disciplines in which they are certified as NRA instructors in conducting NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses.
These workshops consist of an enhanced and informative curriculum based on the training philosophy of Total Participant Involvement, and incorporate the latest up-to-date interactive training methods. Training counselor workshops are designed to provide experienced instructors and current training counselors with the skills necessary to train NRA Certified Instructors how to teach people to shoot according to NRA’s nationally recognized training standards. In special discipline-specific training sessions you will acquire hands-on practice using the innovative and NRA Training Counselor Guide.
To register for a workshop, click this link, download the application and return the application via U.S. Mail or fax to:
DES Training P.O. Box 11588 Rock Hill, SC 29731 Phone: 704-574-4574 Fax: 803-328-9652
You must receive confirmation from NRA before attending a workshop. Workshop attendance is limited to current training counselors and qualified instructors. Workshop attendees must be NRA Certified Instructors with a minimum of two years’ recent experience teaching NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses according to current NRA standards. They must also be intimately familiar with NRA instructional methods, training materials, and administrative procedures as a result of this experience. (Five NRA-approved courses and 25 students is the absolute minimum experience recommended for workshop attendance.)