On Range Clinic

DES Training, Inc. offers the perfect learning experience for the new shooter or handgun owner.
One hour live on a gun range with a nationally Certified Instructor, with no distractions and 3 to
4 handguns to test.

On Range Clinic with Certified Instructors

Each student will be one on one with an Instructor as they learn the safe and proper way to use handguns in real time. Correct and proven methods of handgun operation, parts and the building blocks of handgun marksmanship are covered in this “hands on” environment.The same time tested course material is given to the shooter for reference at home so that the learning is reinforced after the training is over.

You are NOT required to own a handgun to attend the clinic, in fact it is recommended to become one of our educated first-time gun owners before the first purchase. Most of our graduates save enough on their first gun purchase to pay for the clinic twice!

The knowledge and skills learned in the professional environment can last a life time, We have never had a graduate of the “On Range Clinic” shoot less than high 90’s on the concealed permit range test!

Join the women, men, sons and daughters who now have the knowledge and skill to be safe and effective handgun owners. It is like having a caddy, golf pro and range safety officer all in one to make you the best new shooter you can be!

“On Range Clinic” $100.00

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